Maths @ MHPS

Here at Muswell Hill Primary School our mathematics teaching and learning is supported by a scheme called Power Maths. Power Maths adopts a ‘Teaching for Mastery’ approach and is based around child-centred learning. It provides a wealth of interactive and practical resources to sure that each child masters each maths concept securely and deeply.

As a team of experienced practitioners, we use Power Maths as a starting point to ensure progression but we adapt the content to the needs of our children.

We ensure that throughout their time at Muswell Hill, we enable children to develop their conceptual understanding, numerical fluency, problem- solving skills and mathematical confidence as young mathematicians.

To gain a clearer understanding of what teaching strategies are being used here at Muswell Hill for each year group, please have a look at our Calculation Policy:

Power Maths KS1 Calculation policy
Power Maths lower KS2 Calculation policy
Power Maths upper KS2 Calculation policy

Maths @ Home

To consolidate and reinforce the maths learning carried out in school, teachers are now able to allocate online activities via the Topmarks online homework resource IXL. The children have been given their individual log in details and once logged in can access and complete their maths homework each week.

Staying Safe Online

DLC and the Internet have become integral to teaching and learning within schools, providing pupils and staff with opportunities to improve understanding. However, whilst this technology has many benefits for Muswell Hill Primary School, we recognise that clear procedures for appropriate use and the education of staff and pupils about online behaviour and potential risks are essential.

Please use the following link to view our online E-safety Policy:

E-safety Policy for Muswell Hill Primary School

Useful Websites:

Here are a list of a few useful websites to help the children with their maths learning at home:

1) Top Marks Hit the Button: this is great for quick fire times table and number fact practice to develop the children’s fluency:
Hit the Button

2) 2) TT Rockstars: In KS2 each pupil has been set up with their own individual log in, which means they can access this exciting online resource at home as well as at school.
Time Table Rockstars