In Violet Class, our future plans include happiness.

We will learn a lot about life this year, we will be kind and we will most certainly have a lot of fun. Year 6 is full of challenges: The Isle of Wight, the SATs and of course the end of year production.

When facing these challenges, there will be successes and there will be failures. We will learn that it does not matter much either way. What is most important is that you never hesitate to tell the truth and you never, ever give in or give up.

On our visit to the Isle of Wright, Year 6 made short podcasts with Mr Howes. To listen to them click here.

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At our Curriculum Meetings the Year 6 team handed out "non negotiables" These are end of year expectations for children's learning

Read the End of Year Expectations for Year 6 here.

Please click here to read the week-1 timetable for Violet Class.

Please click here to read the week-2 timetable for Violet Class.