Muswell Hill Primary School does not have an everyday school uniform. However, the School asks that your child has a school T-shirt  and/or sweatshirt with the School's logo for trips, photographs and other occasions. In addition, children in Years 3-6 are required to have a red polo shirt with the School logo for PE activities.

Order forms are available from the carousel near the School Office or can be printed off from the Documents section of this website.

The forms should be submitted to the School office, together with appropriate money, in an envelope marked School Tops.

Cheques should be made payable to Muswell Hill Primary School SPA.

Tops ordered at the end of the Summer Term for the next school year will be delivered at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

Tops ordered at any other time of year may not be available immediately due to the limited storage for stock.

We also have second hand sale during our Summer Fair, when T-shirts and sweatshirts cost £1 each.
We also aim to do another second hand sale in September, but only if we have sufficient second hand stock.

Details of the top colours, sizes and costs are to be found below.
There are different colours for each year.
Reception = Red
Year 1 = Orange
Year 2 = Yellow
Year 3 = Green
Year 4 = Sky blue
Year 5 = Dark blue
Year 6 = Purple
Years 3-6 PE polo shirt = Red
T-shirt          £5.00
Sweatshirt    £9.00
(If the two items are ordered together the cost is £12)
Red PE polo shirt    £6.50
Cheques should be made payable to Muswell Hill Primary School SPA.
Size chart
T-shirts &sweatshirts                 AGE                 HEIGHT (CM)                CHEST (INCHES)
                                                       3-4                         104                                  22/24
                                                       5-6                         116                                  26/28
                                                       7-8                         128                                    30
                                                      9-11                        140                                    32
                                                     12-13                       152                                    34
                                                     14-15                       164                                    36
PE Polo shirts                           AGE                   HEIGHT (CM)                 YOUTH SIZE
                                                      7-8                           128                                     L
                                                     9-10                         140                                     XL
                                                   11-12                         152                                   XXL