School Improvement

School Improvement Priorities

2014's goals priorities were:

A dd to our skill-set by engaging with other schools and settings
B elieve the investment in staff training and support children's development
C reatively look to adapt our homework policy
D iligently support all children to make excellent progress
E ngage with parents to enhance our: playground, early year's outdoor area and communication
2015 priorities were:
Fantastic phonics across our school
Great opportunities for staff developtment that impact on our children
High quality ICT provision so that children develop an undersanding of new technology
Inspiring learning though our new curriculum
Joy in our environment by enhancing our Early Years provision
2016 Priorities are: About Pupil Phenomenal Phonics: supporting great reading Personal Progress: focused on individual children. But particularly in Mathematics, for those entitled to Pupil Premium and continuing the success of those with SEN Leading to… Crisp Communication: focused on next steps in learning for children Internal for the school Cracking Computing: making MHPS a centre of excellence for Computing and Information Communication Technology Remarkable Recruitment: retaining but where necessary, forward planning and succession planning Thriving Togetherness: working with Nursery, Primaries and local Secondary Schools to support each other Increased Income: generating more revenue to enhance our resources Leading to… Fantastic Facilities: enhancing the internal fabric of the school and the external play space for children     School Improvement Plan Overview 2017 Teaching and Learning – Concentrating on our Creative Curriculum All staff at Muswell Hill Primary School will work together to: 1) Deliver an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum that is creative and dynamic. We will focus on teaching scintillating Science, riveting Religious Education and mouth-watering Modern Foreign Languages 2) Raise attainment in Mathematics at Key Stage 2 for all our pupils focusing on mental mathematics, problem solving, communicating and reasoning. We want to raise the profile so that all children have the potential to become masterful Mathematicians 3) Continue to raise standards for children who are entitled to Pupil Premium funding to make all our children world-class Writers, remarkable Readers and marvellous Mathematicians