Praise Book

07th November 2017

Alexaner.S (Red)

Great listening on the carpet.

Sophia (Red)

Excellent writing her letters.

Olivia (Ruby)

For being such a kind friend.

Cleo (Ruby)

For trying so hard in phonics. What a great writer!

Daniel (Orange)

Excellent listening and following the class rules very well!

Amilia (Orange)

Always doing the right thing.

Rosie (Amber)

Always following the golden rules and always being really helpful.

Natasha (Amber)

for someone who has started school last week, she has settled in really well and yesterday helped Nicole who is another new student who only speaks Romanian!

Daniel (Gold)

For trying hard with his reading.

Tiare (Gold)

For following the golden rules and joining in with class discusissons.

Isabelle (Yellow)

For working so hard on working independently and for beautiful artwork.

Freddie (Yellow)

For really pushing himself with his maths learning.

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