Praise Book

20th November 2017

Frank (Ruby)

Has a go at all the activities in class!

Thora (Ruby

Always following the golden rules.

Georgia (Red)

For some lovely writing for a display!

Mikey (Red)

For listening to the teachers and sitting niceley on the carpet.

George (Orange)

Enthusiastic leaning! Loved his sewing!

LEah (Orange)

Excellent attitude to all her learning!

Natalia & Nicole (Amber)

Both new pupils and they have settled in amazingly! Natalia translating for Nicole in romanian!

Mila (Amber)

For following the Golden Rules.

Maria (Yellow)

For always working hard and putting her hand up more on the carpet.

Leila (Yellow)

For begining to learn her christmas show lines off by heart already!

Sam and Veeran (Gold)

For wonderful work in maths!

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