Praise Book

06th February 2018

Florence (Red)

Excellent reading and always trying her best.

Alexandros (Red)

Always working hard. Great listening during carpet time. Excellent!

Mia (Amber)

For amking good progress in her phonics.

Naphtali (Amber)

For good reading.

Violet and Tom (Orange)

For excellent progress in phonics.

Hannah (Orange)

Always doing the correct thing.

The whole class (Ruby)

For being amazing on their trip to the museum. We had a great time!

Betty (Gold)

For her effort in English and fantastically improved attitude to her work.

Noah (Gold)

For his beautiful manners, hard working attitude and for being a delight to teach!

Guy (Yellow)

For showing excellengt focus and a hard working attitude.

Kira (Yellow)

For developing her confidence in speaking in front of the whole class! Your English speaking has come such a long way, well done!

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