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Year 4 ast the gunpowder mills

Year 4 recently visited the gunpowder mills and were sent a feedback letter, read it by clicking here

General feedback 2018

Dear Joseph,
Thank you so much for sorting the tickets out for ping pong. It was such a treat and we all had a brilliant time. The children got signatures of all the players and even Heston Blumethal! We are so grateful to our school and individuals like you within it who go that extra mile to make us feel part of the MHP community and involve us in local activities.
(Parent Year 1, 4 and 6.)

Cathrine West

Cathrine West recently came to MHPS! Read her feedback by clciking here!

E-Safety Meeting 2017

I always say "Don't post it (Picture, Comment) if you wouldn't be happy to see it on a poster outside your school.

Yes it has made me realise I need to make more time to talk with the kids and investigate sites myself!.

Good to hear it all as a year 3 parent to feel prepared.

Great reminders of the things we should be doing, so easy to let things slip.

Very Useful and thought provoking for a complex area. Great tools and thought for safety. Really happy the school support this eithin the school as it is good to have the info from a non parental course.

I would just like to say that I attended the talk by Mr Howes yesterday and I wanted to pass on my positive feedback. The talk was excellent. It was well researched, well presented and very relevant. I found it gave me lots of ideas of how to deal with the issues that are unfortunately very pertinent already. Dealing with subjects like this is definitely one of the reasons that Muswell Hill Primary is such a great school.

Music and Dance Week 2017

Our son really enjoyed the music and dance week!
He had a chance to perform his favourite song in front of the entire school, he got encouraging feedback from a professional musician, he experienced many musical instruments, and he also made some instruments himself!
Thank you Toby for organising it!

I had the pleasure of helping out with the junk orchestra activity it was such joy to see the kids completely immersed in the making of the instruments and learning about music in a fun and inspiring way. My son didn't stop talking about it and I could see how much he had been inspired and learnt from the experience.
At the end of music and dance week he said told me he wished every week at school could be that fun. It was amazing hearing about the activities he had been involved in during the week. From the making or instruments to drumming with the kooks he loved the range of learning activities.
(Parent in Year 1)

XXX thoroughly enjoyed music week .She was so keen to tell me all about the various assembly's and different people ,musical instruments she had been learning about and having the chance to try out .
The junk man was "awesome" according to XXX and I have to say I helped out and had a ball... Literally every child was engaged and eagerly participating. The coolest thing was seeing all the children playing there "junk instruments "together after school in the playground. Thank you Toby I REALLY hope this is an annual event.
(Parent in Year 1)

XXX loved the music week: junk orchestra was fantastic and we all had great fun playing these incredible instruments at home. What a great way to use our recycling: very creative and directional. XXX also enjoyed performing on his guitar for the class and listening to other children play their instruments.

I just wanted to say how much fun my kids have had this week at school! They have been making up dances at home, inventing instruments and wake up singing!! I wish I'd managed to pop in and 'help' so I could sneak a peek at all that was going on! It has been so inspiring for them and there appears to have been such a wonderful wide range of activities they have thoroughly enjoyed.
Many many thanks to everyone involved and please continue to run these fantastic events!
(Parent in Key Stage 1 and 2)

KS2 SATS Feedback 2017

My child told me this morning that SATs week had been his 'second best week at MHPS' (second to the Isle of Wight). After the first day he's not really been stressed by the SATs at all and has really enjoyed the week. Well done to your Year 6 team of teachers and Mr Howes, they've obviously organised a whole rota of stress-relieving and fun activities!
(Year 6 Parent)

I just wanted to feedback on the year 6 team handling of SATs which was exemplary. My son XXX came home each day and said how much fun he’d had. He loved the special breakfasts, well thought out games, treats and even the SATs themselves! In fact, he said it was the best week ever at school. (And I know he’s not the only one).
I feel he’s been really well prepared and showed no sign of anxiety or nervousness. He wants to do his best for himself and the school and went into this week with a positive frame of mind and happy. I really feel Rhiannon and Mr Howes have put the kids first in what must be a stressful week for them (the teachers that is!)
Over the last three months the workload has been heavier of course, but building up confidence and knowledge admirably all the while for the week itself.
XXX said how much he’d grown up this week and when I queried it he said ‘I’ve grown up mentally’. Speaks for itself! I’ve noticed he’s that much more mature, eloquent and confident about himself. So a huge thanks to you and your fantastic year 6 team. I know they’ll all be having a well-deserved morning at the cinema – typical of MH Primary to top this week off with a wonderful treat for the kids.
Thanks again,
(Year 6 Parent)

I wanted to thank you and the whole of the year 6 teaching team for the way Muswell Hill Primary handled the KS2 SATs this year. My son said it was one of his favourite weeks of the whole school year. He loved the croissants in the morning, playing in the Grove in the afternoon and the special cinema trip laid on for them as a treat the day after they finished! I was so impressed by the care and attention that the school paid, not just to the children's academic success, but to their pastoral care around SATs week too. The mindfulness and yoga sessions helped them to relax and the extra playtime sessions allowed them to let off steam after each test. I though that a huge amount of time and effort was put into ensuring that what could have been a stressful week for the children turned out to be a very positive experience.
Thanks again,
(Year 6 Parent)

November Music Evening 2016

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your hard work in putting together the show on Friday at the school. It really was a very special occasion and probably the best event that I have been to at the school in the last 6 years - so it really is saying something!
We don't often get to see the children perform in that way and it felt really heart warming to see how many talented and gifted kids we have among us. So often the school shows / performances at fairs get slightly lost amongst other things going on but this felt like a real celebration about everything that is great about our children.

It was a lovely evening & your children were all stars - so talented and so well behaved. We're so lucky to be part of this wonderful school & I've made some new little friends in the playground.

Thank you so much for a brilliant night it was the best evening I've been to at the school, long may it continue. The hall looked great and the children were outstanding. Huge thanks to all involved. Special thanks to Graham's stylist!!!

"It really was thanks to your amazingly talented and totally charming kids that the evening was such a success! We are so fortunate to belong to such a warm community of artistic, creative people at a wonderful school where the Head is approachable and always looking for ways to encourage the children and the staff are prepared to give up their Friday night in support. "

Pupil Views and Voice

E-Safety meeting feedback

Thank you! This is such a fast growing scary issue for parents. I personally have had little experience with social networking so I welcome the guidance

I thought I already knew most things relating to keeping my child safe on the internet but I found today incredibly enlightening and disturbing.

Very useful advice about talking to your child and really useful websites to look at.

My son is in year 4 and it’s really becoming a big issue right now so perfect timing, thank you!

Really informative and honest. I’ve defiantly learnt info I wasn’t aware of.

Very useful and a real wake up call. Great that the discussion is open to KS2

Parent Views

Eye opening, with plenty of useful ideas of how to support the kids at home.

It's always nice to be reminded of how fortunate our kids are to learn in a nurturing environment with the focus on well being and confidence rather than the binary pass / fail exam emphasis that it's easy to fall into.I really do appreciate that this is a team effort, so thanks to both Y6 teachers, DHT and HT for everything you're doing. It was a great workshop.
(Year 6 Parent)

Debate Club with Coleridge Primary

Great to see the children having such an amazing opportunity to stretch themselves today. What a brilliant experience to debate something that really matters and to be given a forum where they are taken seriously. Also lovely to see democracy in action. Thank you so much for supporting and facilitating all this.
(Parent of a Child In KS2 - June 2016)

Walking into a classroom to the sound of 'Here Comes the Sun', a table filled with croissants -and kids and teachers smiling on a SATs morning - was just brilliant today!

I wanted to pass on huge thanks to Rhiannon, Ritu and Mr Howes for the way they are handling this bonkers SATs week.

They are doing a fantastic job. I feel really grateful that we have such a friendly and supportive atmosphere in our school. This was also being said by many other parents in the playground this morning.

My child is still smiling and can't wait to get into school to see her mates at the SATs breakfast club - you can't ask for much more than that this week!
(Parent of a Child In Year 6 - May 2016)

Thank you so much for inviting parents to the debate assembly. We were so impressed by the structure and quality of the debate and the children's attitudes- both those listening and performing.
(Parent of a Child In Year 6 - April 2016)

Spike had a wonderful day today. He was full of the things he saw and very excited by the whole experience. I wanted to say thank you for taking him.
(Zoe -Parent of a Child - Visit to the Houses of Parliament - Nov 2015)

I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to you and your team for getting the children so engaged and excited about the election, the parties and their policies. The girls have been full of it and asking all kinds of questions over the past few weeks which shows they're really understanding what's going on. Thank you all so much.
(Parent of a Child In Year 6 - May 2015)

That’s great. The show this morning was adorable – they all shone so brightly!!
(Parent in Year 2 and Y5)

I was amazing organasation of christmas show, all teachers and the children were amazing.
I cant belie all the years have gone. It was a spectacular last christmas show for me.
Really looking forward to coming back to the school in future.
Thank you very much again.
(Year 6 Parent)

"Child L and Child O - and before them our son Child G - have had a wonderful time at MHP, with kind, thoughtful and intelligent care and teaching all the way through. The girls have very much enjoyed this year with Audrey and Carrie. It's been very rewarding seeing both girls develop skills and confidence under their care."
(David and Melissa)

"Very inspiriring!  Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Toby

"What a delight to see so many fantastic, vibrant colours. It was a real joy to see the childrens lovely artwork. Well done".

"Very impressed with the talent of Muswell Hill children and such a great, fun, welcoming. Congratulations to Toby and her team and the children of course!"

"What an outstanding art gallery- I'm so very impressed with all the creativity and vibrance. Muswell Hill Primary should be so proud +I'm proud to be part of the community, Hats off to Toby and the team - I look forward to future event!! Thank you"

"Toby - well done. What a brilliant idea and so well pulled off. The children here all produced some amazing work. Finding new skills and talent and new confidences! Lets do some more. Thank you so much for your direction and enthusiasm in the art!"

A wonderfully creative outpouring of visual lovliness! Well done to Toby, all the parents who helped and, of course the kids who created all the beauty"

"Wonderfully expressive and origional art work! You can see the passion and excitment that has gone in to everything. Well done!"

"Absolutly amazing! What a wonderful week of creativity followed by a beautiful exibition, Thank you!"

I just wanted to congratulate you on the the Art Exhibition and all the work that you have out into it and Art Week. My kids have been hugely inspired by all that has been going on and I think we will be doing our own chewing gum art, tin foil sculptures or finger knitting project on this wet Saturday!

Students and partnership working

Always a pleasure to be at MH Primary. Enjoy the sunshine!
(Catherine West, MP)

I had such a lovely day at your school yesterday.   The children were fantastic (you were right, they are SO lovely) and I was incredibly impressed at their concentration levels, listening skills and with the contributions that they made.
(Lisa Naylor - P4C Trainer and Advanced Skills Teacher, Newham Local Authority)

Thanks again for your hospitality during the audit - it has been  a pleasure working with you (at such a lovely school!)
(Tony McNamara - SFVS external auditor)

"Many thanks for the super evening on Friday at the art exhibition. I so enjoyed the children's work and the beautiful loom."
(Councillor Catherine West)

"I'm so pleased to hear that your staff enjoyed the training yesterday and found it useful.  I really enjoyed working with them and, as I said yesterday, was amazed at how open and enthusiastic everyone was to the idea of P4C.  I had a lovely day!"
(Advanced Skills Teacher and P4C Trainer, Lisa Naylor)

"I have very much enjoyed visiting Muswell Hill Primary this term and meeting all the children. The support given has made this a very positive experience for our student and she has enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to grow and develop her skills.  As I mentioned last week, I have also enjoyed coming to a lovely school with an ethos that encourages children to be independent, confident learners. And no uniform!!!! "
(Sarah Neno)

"Over the past eight weeks I have observed an incredible amount of inspiring teaching that has hugely influenced and informed my own practise.  My class teacher and mentor have both given me the support and encouragement needed to enable me to grow in confidence and understanding, something that is vital at this stage of training and I could not be more grateful for. I have felt so welcome and at ease during my placement, largely down to the kind and positive approach of the staff and pupils, which is testament to the School’s ethos. The children’s attitude towards learning, which is inspired by that of the teachers, has made teaching even more gratifying. Muswell Hill Primary School has given me the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience as a trainee teacher, I will miss the School, staff and pupils tremendously."
(Poly Roe)

"Your pupils were outstanding in terms of both their effort and participation in all the sessions as well as their behaviour and manners. You should be really proud of all the pupils involved." (Tottenham Hotspur)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with the filming yesterday for CITV Text Santa. We were very happy with how it all went and we were so impressed with the children's behaviour, their art skills and their enthusiasm so thank you! They were stars! It is such a lovely school and the children are lucky to have you as their head teacher."
(Lisa - CITV)

Staff Views


Governor Views

"Saw children start their school day. Clever integration of technology in the class room (white board I videos) as well as the excitement at the new chicks that Ruby class have hatched. Read to children and observed drawing and dancing lessons. Discussed their current topic of water.
Children engaged and had much to say. Children were making good use of outside space in KS1 playground, since EYFS area currently being redeveloped. Significant progress of EAL children who are now reading and writing English with no discernible difference to those children who have English as a first language. Impressed by the authority the EYFS leaders have over the class - especially given the excitement that comes with a visitor - in having them sit for carpet time and listen."
(Simon Wantman - 8th May 2015)

School governors came into school on Friday the 7th of March for a learning walk.  They visited a range of classes and made the following comments:

"Thank you to all of the staff involved on Friday.  I really enjoyed myself and welcomed the opportunity to see the children engaged and enthusiastic in their learning. It was really good to see the books reflecting the marking policy too and the children aware of, and working towards, their targets.  A very valuable experience for me, can we come again soon please!"

"Thank you for Friday. It was great to see the kids working, singing, writing and laughing! I found it very interesting, and left feeling v proud."

"It was a delightful, enthralling morning. James had suggested we look at 'how the children engage in learning'. They were all thoroughly engaged, but always had the presence of mind to have conversations with us and discuss what they were doing. I think the technical phrase is 'the children thrive here."

"Many thanks for a very enjoyable and informative Friday morning at your school. Of the six classes that I sat in on, each class was interesting and different with excellent behaviour and great participation and enthusiasm in their lessons. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that I get invited to meet with them again soon!"
(Carey Miller - School Governor)

"The lessons were, without exception, both fascinating and inspiring (my gosh some of the children came out with the most amazing comments and observations!).Had I not already been 100% convinced that P4C was a fantastic initiative I would certainly be after this morning!. I am well aware that such lessons can only be achieved through expert facilitation and that this requires a lot of hard work on behalf of the teachers (and their colleagues in the classroom), please tell them that their hard graft has certainly paid off and that I, for one, am really proud to be a governor at Muswell Hill Primary with such a team of dedicated professionals."
(Sarah Gray - Chair of Governor)