Praise Book

23rd April 2018

Mark (Red)

Trying really har at his reading and writing.

Florence (red)

Working really hard at maths, learning about doubling.

Darshan (Ruby)

For fantastic effort on the creative table.

Bea (Ruby)

For fantastic maths work. Bea can double numbers beyond 5!

Bethany (Orange)

Working really hard at her reading.

Dallia (Orange)

For working really hard on the maths quiz.

Lorca (Amber)

Tried really hard and did extremely well during maths 'test'

Aidandne (Amber)

For participating well in class.

Rei (Yellow)

For working extremely hard on his handwriting. Such an improvement! Keep up the writing focus!

Maria (Yellow)

For Excellent behavious and for following the golden rule always!

Aiden (Gold)

For working really well in maths.

Margoux (Gold)

For having such lovely ideas in English and always working hard.

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