Behaviour and Communication

We expect high standards of behaviour from adults and pupils at all times. We expect and encourage pupils to develop self-discipline and to exercise self-control. In a school of 420 children some rules are essential.
These are mostly matters of common sense, to ensure the safety of our children, The emphasis in the school is to praise good behaviour, attitude and effort. At all times pupils are encouraged to consider, and be responsible for their own actions. The school has a positive behaviour policy which is reviewed by staff on a regular basis. As parents/carers,we expect your support in reinforcing with your children the aims of our behaviour policy. All members of the school team, governors, parents/carers, staff and pupils are expected to implement and abide by the Golden Rules/Class Charters & Golden Values that are displayed throughout the school.We believe that adults are role models for behaviour in our school.

Muswell Hill Primary School

Written statement of behaviour principles

Muswell Hill Primary School has started on a journey to becoming a UNICEF Rights Respecting School.  Please see use this link for further information.   

Our principles include:

  • the necessity of promoting an awareness of everybody’s individual needs and that all are valued within the school community
  • the need to ensure that every child is aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • the necessity for good behaviour to be modelled by all adults in the school
  • the expectation that everyone takes pride in their school, class, learning, environment and their relationships with peers and colleagues
  • the expectation that all staff treat children fairly, consistently and sensitively
  • the need to celebrate and praise children’s achievement and success,
  • the value of parental support in working collaboratively to find solutions to behaviour management issues,
  • the necessity of teaching respect for ourselves and others, promoting the understanding that we are all different, but have the same rights, including the right to learn
  • the need to ensure a consistent and positive approach to behaviour management throughout the whole school day, from Breakfast Club to After School clubs
  • the need to provide children, staff and all adults within the school community with an environment that promotes learning and supports each individual,
  • to necessity of ensuring that the emotional, social and learning needs of individuals are supported and developed, involving other agencies where appropriate
  • the requirement to establish clear procedures for dealing with and managing unacceptable behaviour, and ensuring that this behaviour policy is clearly understood by staff, parents and children
  • the encouragement of active and early involvement of parents in supporting positive behaviour
  • the necessity of working in partnership with parent/carers in supporting children’s social and emotional development
  • the clear demonstration that discipline in schools must respect children’s human dignity
  • to need to ensure that the exclusions policy explains that exclusions will only be used as a last resort.
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