Mission Statement

We want to inspire pupils, parents and teachers by enhancing the school environment, attracting wildlife and stimulating the children’s interest in horticulture and nature.

The School is located on the edge of Alexandra Palace parkland and woods and there are a wonderful range of habitats within the grounds which we can transform into sustainable wildlife areas. This will provide an invaluable learning tool for the teachers and encourage the kids to respect the environment and appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

‘Nature Play’ and Wildlife projects and activities will provide new opportunities for the children around the whole site, both through freely chosen play and as part of the curriculum. Using the rainbow colours of each class at the school we aim to create vibrant planting combinations around both playgrounds and the school building to attract wildlife and introduce the children to horticulture.

This exciting venture will need to inspire and include the entire school community if it is to succeed and realise its huge potential. Parents, staff and most importantly the children will all need to work together to stimulate, create and maintain the school outdoor environment.



A small team of parents will coordinate the Nature Group along with Hannah Boardman (Ruby Class Teacher).

Seasonal activities and projects (both practical and observational) will be offered where the pupils can get involved.

Gardening, site development and maintenance will be carried out wherever possible by parents and pupils. Specialists may be required for certain projects.

We will periodically send out a one off call for help when needing to do a particularly big task eg – clearing weeds, digging over an area for a wildflower meadow etc.

Funding and Grants urgently need to be sourced.


Our BIG Ideas!

Please do email us if you would like to be involved with any of these projects or if you have a big (or small!) idea of your own.

  • Wildflower meadow
  • Wormery
  • Bird feeders
  • Butterfly garden
  • Bug hotel
  • Butterfly house
  • Nature study dens
  • Willow den/sculptures
  • Vegetable/herb Garden
  • Nature sculptures
  • Wildlife Information boards
  • Nature trail
  • Magnifying posts
  • Natural weaving screens
  • Hedge laying

 Seasonal Activity suggestions –

  • Leaf sculptures
  • Bulb planting
  • Seed planting
  • Propagating
  • Bug hotels
  • Nature sculptures
  • Bug spot
  • Making bird feeders
  • Animal tracks
  • Winter twig identification
  • Nature sketching
  • Pond dipping

Seasonal Activities

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Small beginnings…

NG2 NG11

We decided to start with a pilot project to help kick-start the Nature Group with help from the SPA. In September we cleared and replanted one of the beds in the Infants playground.

This scheme includes all the hot colours of the infant classes and consists of a variety of plants which will attract wildlife and provide an opportunity for the children to get involved -

  • They can draw and paint the plants
  • They can recognise and record numbers of each and note seasonal changes (flowers, seeds, spring regrowth, buds etc)
  • They can help collate a chart to identify each plant and categorise (by type,colour,size etc)
  • They can record any wildlife visiting the beds
  • They can make Plant labels/pictures to be located in the bed to help identification and remind the pupils that the plants are still under the ground even if they die back in the winter!
  • They can sow seeds indoors or in the nursery beds to add into the scheme or elsewhere in the school in the spring
  • They can help with watering
  • They can help with general maintenance and care

We also replanted the bed outside the link building in a combination of green and white woodland plants.


Get Involved

There are many different ways to help–

  • Help us in searching and applying for Funding, grants and awards – there is so much available out there!
  • Help by signing up to, or suggesting your own, Seasonal Activity which could involve the kids.
  • Help us with specific projects . Do you a particular skill  or relevant area of expertise? (builder, vegetable gardener, tree surgeon, pond maintenance etc)
  • Join the Gardening & Maintenance Team
  • Join the Wildlife Team
  • Look out for our one off calls for help!

Email :


Please see below the results for spooky tree competition. Congratulations to all the winners !!
Spooky Tree Competition Results